Our firm has a rich and profound experience consisting of an expert team of professionals conducting audits of diverse organisations. Our endeavour is to deliver high quality services in a time bound framework through well-defined audit plans and procedures. The engagements are conducted strictly in accordance with statutory rules and regulations.

  • Statutory audit is essentially an audit of the financial statements of entities such as Companies incorporated under Companies Act, LLP, Firms, Society, Trusts, etc. The purpose of a statutory audit is to ensure that the accounts of an organisation represent a true and a fair view of the financial position as per accepted framework. We have more than 36 years of experience on our side to conduct such engagements effectively.

  • As large number of organisations are operating across the borders through multiple locations, it is imperative to maintain detailed information about the quantity and quality of the inventory.

    Few benefits of stock audit are listed below :

    - Identification of slow-moving stock, obsolete or dead stock etc
    - Avoidance of pilferage
    - Prevention of fraud to establish effective control over inventory
    - Ascertaining accurate value of inventory
    - Reduction of gaps in inventory management process

  • It is part of a banking's early warning system done on regular basis to ensure timely detection of irregularities and lapses. We have well trained and qualified staff with a wide experience to cater to such assignments efficiently.

  • With the rapid increase in number of cases being reported of fraud and embezzlement and exposing businesses to risk of financial crimes, forensic and investigative audit has established itself as a strategic and effective tool to combat corruption. With a dedicated and an expert team, we handle such issues with great proficiency.

  • The main focus of internal audit is to ensure strong internal control systems to improve the effectiveness of risk management, including fraud risks, control and governance processes in an organization. Embedding data analytics in internal audit can help to provide clearer understanding of risks and deliver actionable audit results. Other focus areas are identifying opportunities for process improvements, safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over key control areas and compliance with internal operating policies and guidelines. We ensure that our internal audit methodology is aligned to and tailored to meet client’s requirements and help to meet the strategic and business objectives.